Friday, January 2, 2009

Thanksgiving for a New Year's Resolution

Columbus Group Shoot-17So I can't say that I'm really into the New Year's Resolution thing, but there are somethings that I've been meaning to change and now seems as good a time as ever. For one, I need to work/ practice my lighting and processing techniques. Fortunately, fate has provided me that opportunity with my impending surgery next week. As luck would have it, I'm going to have a lot of off-time to work on that commitment.
So, here goes my first post of the new year, with hopefully many more to come.
As I like to share my techniques hoping that others may find it useful and make improvements/ changes to their own work, here is the full disclosure of the set up. Very simply set up - one gold reflector camera right. The background is just a neatly colored building as we were shooting in an urban area. The eye-lashes and eyes really were that crazy beautiful. I didn't do any sharpening to this photo....the make up was just very well done. I did do a little liquifying, dodging and burning in the post-processing (and of course a mega vingette).
Hope this is helpful to you all and have a great New Year.

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