Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A night to remember

A night to we lost to NE Revs. They suck anyway. The "four time loser" chant from the last MLS cup really says enough. The real highlight of the night was getting to watch the game in the presence of greatness - Ben Olsen, Zach Wells, Rod Dyachenko, their significant others and the die-hard fans which make being a proud DC United supporter all the more fun. I could go on and one about how I miss Ben on the field and if only my physical therapy expertise had a crack at his ankles...... :0) Or how I don't have any discontent with Crayton, but simultaneously think Zach got an undeserved bad wrap. Really it doesn't matter. The fact is that our guys are our guys no matter what. We love 'em. We love cheering for them and we love hangin out with them.
We look forward to seeing this weekend's match against Colorado and really look forward to the meet the team event for Screaming Eagles fans. Personally, Sean and I got hooked up with some press passes (FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!) and are really pumped. We've even went and rented some SUPER awesome camera equipment befitting of an MLS press access pass. We sincerely look forward to a good match and great pics.
For those of you that our new to our blog... a sincere thanks for visiting. Please enjoy more of our photos at :
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