Saturday, July 19, 2008

Will Chang at the Swimming pool - DCU v Gaudalajara

Smiles and a Swimming poolI think the highlight of this game was watching Will Chang throw back a cold one at the baby pool! After that it all kind of went down hill.
We had a great crowd and a heck of a rivalry going on, unfortunately DC just didn't have it all together to win the match. Sure, you could talk injuries, the fact that Superliga doesn't count for much.... but the wind fell out of our sails when Moreno missed the PK. That was the end of the game for the guys on the field and the crowd felt it. It was a bad set up for more beatings to come.
Hopefully DC will get their stuff together and come back into the last half of the season with some gusto because we lack a sense of urgency. We lack the "give a shit." We lack heart. There were a few moments of fiestiness from McTavish, Thompson, and Cordeiro. And for that, I sincerely thank you guys. Their aggresiveness needs to become infectious.
Vamos United

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