Saturday, June 7, 2008


Dan's Graduation-18Well my brother Dan has finally done it....he's done "gadiated." So with a Vanderbilt degree in engineering what wonderful and exciting life is he going to fashion for himself? That's a great question. In fact, that question is so good than even old Dan-o is still stumped. Oh well, enjoy the summer man and study hard for the MCATs.
As for the graduation itself - wow. Well done Vandy! It was a really classy shin dig. The ceremony kicked off with every single graduate and their families outside in the Vanderbilt square. After some opening remarks and music from the national symphony, the group splintered off so that the individual schools could have smaller and more intimate ceremonies.
Things flowed pretty smoothly, but trying to get good shots late in a May morning in Tennessee heat was a little tricky. The lighting was harsh and could have been better, but I guess I can't complain. I'll take natural light any day over nasty green fluorescent lighting.
I hope it wasn't seen as rude, but as soon as Dan walked the stage, I and the rest of my pale skinned, freckle laden family members beat feet into the shade for the remainder of the ceremony. I had to appreciate that some of the graduates even took off their gowns while they were waiting - and no joke, kicked back so that they could more properly tan themselves! hahaha. I guess that's the South for ya.
I had to laugh at the brilliancy and simultaneous cruelty of the national symphony playing the "Hoe Down" song, also commonly referred to as the "Beef - its what's for dinner" song, to conclude the graduation ceremony. Why they chose that over the usual pomp and circumstance stuff ... I have one guess. The quickest way to clear out the main square of thousands of hungry people during lunch time is to remind them of how freaking hungry they are and hope they go find a restaurant. But those who stuck around campus were treated to a strawberries and champagne reception. There is nothing like a mimosa, fruit, and finger foods to make a graduation official.

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