Monday, June 30, 2008

Jumping for Joy

Jen Jumping....and yes we were. Jen was a fantastic model to work with. She was punctual, friendly, and had absolutely no "diva moments" whatsoever. She was willing to trudge through the woods in high heels. Making no fuss of jumping over creeks, rocks, and fallen trees. When we stumbled across a turtle in the brush, she actually got excited to hold it and make it a part of the shot. At one point she puckered up and planted a big one on it's shell. Lucky for her boyfriend, the turtle didn't turn into some handsome hunk. Poor guys was so scared he never even stuck his head out of his shell. But for those of you that are concerned, there was absolutely no harm done to turtles during this production!
But before I digress, I did want to mention that during a break in the shooting, she showed us her legs... hmmmm.. let me clarify. She was showing off her battle scars where bugs had left multiple dime sized welts on her (and she never even complained!)
Not surprisingly, having a good model = good pics. We were also able to try a couple of new lighting techniques and found they really worked! Thanks Jen for a great shoot!!

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