Sunday, May 25, 2008

Natavia - Brookside Gardens

Natavia - Brookside Gardens - 197This was our first time shooting with Natavia, but I expect there will be more great shoots ahead in the future. In the interest of time...and that fact that we've been slammed with work and photography lately, I'm going to jump straight into the good stuff - the lessons learned.

1. Google Maps This is only the second time I've had a model drive out and meet us at the shooting location. And both times, the models have gotten seriously lost and hence showed up seriously late. Now, before you think this is some screed against models, let me set you straight. Natavia is an organized, driven, and responsible model Directionally challenged? Yes. Flake? Definitely not. Moral of the story, get directions from google maps. You can even customize it online to include any notes, pin point meet up locations, and include the driving time/distance and then email it to the model. Rarely does google maps steer you wrong.
2. Recon when possible. We knew exactly where we were going to shoot and about how long it would take to walk the park. Even with the late start, we were able to get everything in that we wanted to.
3. Brookside Gardens was a great location to shoot. There is a variety of places to go, tons of color, and the park is always changing as the plants change. I've been there multiple times, and I have yet to see the same park twice.
4. Dress for success Due to the time crunch, we didn't get to have any outfit changes. It would have made for a much more interesting shoot if we'd been able to do that. Mental note for next time - either have a boat load of time to plan for mishaps and wardrobe changes or dress in layers so that the model can "strip" and be in a new outfit. I'm talking about using a jacket or different jewelry, etc. Obviously we don't want our perfectly toned models to look like Michelin Men because they're wearing so many clothes. So use your common fashion sense. (Men - if you're confused...ask a woman.)
5. Message to Models To be a versatile model, you have to practice your looks at home. Don't wait until you get in front of a camera (which you're often times going to be paying top dollar for) to explore what moods/ looks or poses you can do. DO THIS AT HOME with a mirror or grab a point and shoot camera and teach yourself how to morph at the blink of an eye.

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