Saturday, April 26, 2008

DC United vs. Pachuca

MLS miniWe knew going into this game it was going to be a big one. Not only is Pachuca a force to be reckoned with in a holistic sense, but they have several Mexican national team players making the individual play even more lethal. And this is to say nothing of the fact that this game was for the semifinals of the concacaf champions cup. Bottomline - they have a solid team, to say nothing a solid fan base that was sure to pack the stadium and rival even the best of cheering from the DC supporters groups.
To start with, somehow these Pachuca fans got seats in front of us IN THE SCREAMING EAGLES FAN SECTION! And we sit in the 3rd freakin row! As it turns out these guys were very respectable fans. They cheered their team, we cheered for ours. There was a little bit of trash talk, but that quickly subsided when another Pachuca fan started getting out of hand. Shoot, these guys even acknowledged the BS game the ref was calling and shook one of our member's hands to congratulate us when we scored the winning goal. How classy is that? Getting back to the solo Pachuca idiot, this guy was sitting in the sideline seating in front of the fan club section taunting the fans and being an all out boob.
Well, apparently, boobs come in pairs. I'm sad to say that one of our fans metamorphosed from a boisterous Screaming Eagles fan into a drunken boob - hence the pair of boobs. In an attempt to hit this Pachuca boob with a beer bottle, I got pegged in the back. Yes - both my camera and I got soaked in beer. Yes - it freakin hurt. Yes- Sean snapped and pulled a Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde. Yes - the guy came up to us and personally apologized at the end of the game. I'd like to say that everything is cool now - and for Sean and I, it totally is. However, I haven't seen this fan at the past two games and I sincerely hope he didn't give up on DC United just because of one silly mistake.
Back to the game. Somebody better be monitoring the ref's bank accounts in Switzerland. I sincerely hope he (Jose Aguilar) at least got paid for calling a game that bad. That would actually sit better with me, because I'd hate to assume it was all stupidity. This was easily the worst professionally officiated game I've ever seen. We started the first couple minutes of the game strong, and then petered out from there. Five yellow cards (against) and 76 minutes into the game, Pachuca finally scored. With only 14 minutes (plus stoppage) on the clock, things did not look good for DC United. I have to admit, although we kept singing for DC United, the wind was taken out of our sails....until Dyachenko came into the game at the 78th minute...and scored in the 85th. Good substitution Tommy! We ended up putting one more goal in during the 90th minute by Niell (whom I and the fans surrounding me affectionately refer to as Mighty Mouse). Unfortunately, we won the battle, but not the war. Pachuca beat us on total aggregate of points, therefore advancing to the finals to play Costa Rica's Deportivo Saprissa. We still walked away from the game please with our team.

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