Saturday, April 26, 2008

DC Drum corps

DC Drum corpsI have to apologize. I've gotten completely behind on the blogging. I hope that tonight and tomorrow I can catch up with all of the photo craziness that has transpired over the past month.
To kick of the awesome-ness, yes I just made that up, of this past month, DC United took it to Jamaica's Harbor View Team in the RFK 2008 christening game. It was a total blow out with the final score being 5-0.
To top things off, my brother in-law made the trip over from Cincinnati to spend his spring break with Sean and I. This was his first introduction to DC United/ Screaming Eagles and I couldn't be happier with the way things went. I'm extremely proud to say that he left DC as a DC United Fan. Moreover, he left DC happier than when he came here, which means more to me and my family right now than you'll ever know. I want to thank DC United for leaving it all on the field. Additionally, thanks to all the Screaming Eagles, la Barra Brava, etc who make these games what they are - frickin' awesome!

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