Friday, January 2, 2009

Thanksgiving for a New Year's Resolution

Columbus Group Shoot-17So I can't say that I'm really into the New Year's Resolution thing, but there are somethings that I've been meaning to change and now seems as good a time as ever. For one, I need to work/ practice my lighting and processing techniques. Fortunately, fate has provided me that opportunity with my impending surgery next week. As luck would have it, I'm going to have a lot of off-time to work on that commitment.
So, here goes my first post of the new year, with hopefully many more to come.
As I like to share my techniques hoping that others may find it useful and make improvements/ changes to their own work, here is the full disclosure of the set up. Very simply set up - one gold reflector camera right. The background is just a neatly colored building as we were shooting in an urban area. The eye-lashes and eyes really were that crazy beautiful. I didn't do any sharpening to this photo....the make up was just very well done. I did do a little liquifying, dodging and burning in the post-processing (and of course a mega vingette).
Hope this is helpful to you all and have a great New Year.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A night to remember

A night to we lost to NE Revs. They suck anyway. The "four time loser" chant from the last MLS cup really says enough. The real highlight of the night was getting to watch the game in the presence of greatness - Ben Olsen, Zach Wells, Rod Dyachenko, their significant others and the die-hard fans which make being a proud DC United supporter all the more fun. I could go on and one about how I miss Ben on the field and if only my physical therapy expertise had a crack at his ankles...... :0) Or how I don't have any discontent with Crayton, but simultaneously think Zach got an undeserved bad wrap. Really it doesn't matter. The fact is that our guys are our guys no matter what. We love 'em. We love cheering for them and we love hangin out with them.
We look forward to seeing this weekend's match against Colorado and really look forward to the meet the team event for Screaming Eagles fans. Personally, Sean and I got hooked up with some press passes (FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!) and are really pumped. We've even went and rented some SUPER awesome camera equipment befitting of an MLS press access pass. We sincerely look forward to a good match and great pics.
For those of you that our new to our blog... a sincere thanks for visiting. Please enjoy more of our photos at :
Since the Screaming Eagles is a non-profit organization, we provide all pictures taken during DCU events at absolutely no charge (yes DC guys - this applies to you too). Just send us an email to and we'll be more than happy to provide you with a full resolution picture for your personal enjoyment :0)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Will Chang at the Swimming pool - DCU v Gaudalajara

Smiles and a Swimming poolI think the highlight of this game was watching Will Chang throw back a cold one at the baby pool! After that it all kind of went down hill.
We had a great crowd and a heck of a rivalry going on, unfortunately DC just didn't have it all together to win the match. Sure, you could talk injuries, the fact that Superliga doesn't count for much.... but the wind fell out of our sails when Moreno missed the PK. That was the end of the game for the guys on the field and the crowd felt it. It was a bad set up for more beatings to come.
Hopefully DC will get their stuff together and come back into the last half of the season with some gusto because we lack a sense of urgency. We lack the "give a shit." We lack heart. There were a few moments of fiestiness from McTavish, Thompson, and Cordeiro. And for that, I sincerely thank you guys. Their aggresiveness needs to become infectious.
Vamos United

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Good luck Natavia!

Searching-1Sean and I have been privileged enough to work with Natavia a couple of times now. She's amazingly coordinated and very professional. This weekend, she's going to be auditioning for America's Next Top Model and I wish her all of the best!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Jumping for Joy

Jen Jumping....and yes we were. Jen was a fantastic model to work with. She was punctual, friendly, and had absolutely no "diva moments" whatsoever. She was willing to trudge through the woods in high heels. Making no fuss of jumping over creeks, rocks, and fallen trees. When we stumbled across a turtle in the brush, she actually got excited to hold it and make it a part of the shot. At one point she puckered up and planted a big one on it's shell. Lucky for her boyfriend, the turtle didn't turn into some handsome hunk. Poor guys was so scared he never even stuck his head out of his shell. But for those of you that are concerned, there was absolutely no harm done to turtles during this production!
But before I digress, I did want to mention that during a break in the shooting, she showed us her legs... hmmmm.. let me clarify. She was showing off her battle scars where bugs had left multiple dime sized welts on her (and she never even complained!)
Not surprisingly, having a good model = good pics. We were also able to try a couple of new lighting techniques and found they really worked! Thanks Jen for a great shoot!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Dan's Graduation-18Well my brother Dan has finally done it....he's done "gadiated." So with a Vanderbilt degree in engineering what wonderful and exciting life is he going to fashion for himself? That's a great question. In fact, that question is so good than even old Dan-o is still stumped. Oh well, enjoy the summer man and study hard for the MCATs.
As for the graduation itself - wow. Well done Vandy! It was a really classy shin dig. The ceremony kicked off with every single graduate and their families outside in the Vanderbilt square. After some opening remarks and music from the national symphony, the group splintered off so that the individual schools could have smaller and more intimate ceremonies.
Things flowed pretty smoothly, but trying to get good shots late in a May morning in Tennessee heat was a little tricky. The lighting was harsh and could have been better, but I guess I can't complain. I'll take natural light any day over nasty green fluorescent lighting.
I hope it wasn't seen as rude, but as soon as Dan walked the stage, I and the rest of my pale skinned, freckle laden family members beat feet into the shade for the remainder of the ceremony. I had to appreciate that some of the graduates even took off their gowns while they were waiting - and no joke, kicked back so that they could more properly tan themselves! hahaha. I guess that's the South for ya.
I had to laugh at the brilliancy and simultaneous cruelty of the national symphony playing the "Hoe Down" song, also commonly referred to as the "Beef - its what's for dinner" song, to conclude the graduation ceremony. Why they chose that over the usual pomp and circumstance stuff ... I have one guess. The quickest way to clear out the main square of thousands of hungry people during lunch time is to remind them of how freaking hungry they are and hope they go find a restaurant. But those who stuck around campus were treated to a strawberries and champagne reception. There is nothing like a mimosa, fruit, and finger foods to make a graduation official.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Natavia - Brookside Gardens

Natavia - Brookside Gardens - 197This was our first time shooting with Natavia, but I expect there will be more great shoots ahead in the future. In the interest of time...and that fact that we've been slammed with work and photography lately, I'm going to jump straight into the good stuff - the lessons learned.

1. Google Maps This is only the second time I've had a model drive out and meet us at the shooting location. And both times, the models have gotten seriously lost and hence showed up seriously late. Now, before you think this is some screed against models, let me set you straight. Natavia is an organized, driven, and responsible model Directionally challenged? Yes. Flake? Definitely not. Moral of the story, get directions from google maps. You can even customize it online to include any notes, pin point meet up locations, and include the driving time/distance and then email it to the model. Rarely does google maps steer you wrong.
2. Recon when possible. We knew exactly where we were going to shoot and about how long it would take to walk the park. Even with the late start, we were able to get everything in that we wanted to.
3. Brookside Gardens was a great location to shoot. There is a variety of places to go, tons of color, and the park is always changing as the plants change. I've been there multiple times, and I have yet to see the same park twice.
4. Dress for success Due to the time crunch, we didn't get to have any outfit changes. It would have made for a much more interesting shoot if we'd been able to do that. Mental note for next time - either have a boat load of time to plan for mishaps and wardrobe changes or dress in layers so that the model can "strip" and be in a new outfit. I'm talking about using a jacket or different jewelry, etc. Obviously we don't want our perfectly toned models to look like Michelin Men because they're wearing so many clothes. So use your common fashion sense. (Men - if you're confused...ask a woman.)
5. Message to Models To be a versatile model, you have to practice your looks at home. Don't wait until you get in front of a camera (which you're often times going to be paying top dollar for) to explore what moods/ looks or poses you can do. DO THIS AT HOME with a mirror or grab a point and shoot camera and teach yourself how to morph at the blink of an eye.